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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hollering in The Gym

I checked out the Gym over where I live yesterday, and I must say, it is a pretty nice gym. It has most of the stuff that I like aboutmy gym, plus a football sala and it's closer. The only thing that's keeping me from switching is the fact that I've been with the other one so long that I only pay 25 pounds a month now. It doesn't make sense for me to pay 45 pounds a month again, football sala or no football sala!

The funny thing is, the women in there are something else. A lot of these women were made-up, walking on the treadmill posing for the dudes in there lifting. It was funny, because some of them reeked of desperation. I don't see why they'd choose the gym as their place to meet new dudes...Then again, I guess since folks are half naked in there, it makes some sense.

I never was big on macking women in the gym. I guess this is because when I'm in there I end up getting sweatty, and having veins bulging out of all kinds of places and shit like that. I don't think I look too flattering on workout days LOL

I did try once, though. There was this lady named Shanice who used to work out at the same time I did on most of the same days. I would catch her looking in my direction sometimes, so I figured she must kinda like me or something...Normally, me being sweatty and tired from my workout would have stopped me, but this woman was FINE. She looks kinda like Tiara from http://www.tiaraxclusive.com, and I have a big-time crush on that Tiara chick.

So I went up to her and opened up conversation, cracked a few jokes, etc., etc...so when it came time to get the number, she told me "Well, I kinda live with my boyfriend."

I was thinking to myself "WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! DAMMIT!"

I just kinda eased my way out of the conversation and told her it was nice meeting her...Then proceeded to swear off ever hollering at anyone in the gym again. That was the first time I'd been shot down in months. I didn't know how to take it. Part of me wanted to go holler at someone else just to see if it was a fluke, and part of me came up with an elaborate get-back scheme...Which was to not wear any draws, spot her on the weight bench one day when she's lifting, and then teabag the shit outta her...LOL. I decided that she didn't do anything to me that warranted me putting my sweatty ballsack in her face, but I did hold fast to my vow to never holler at anyone in the gym again, regardless of how fine they are.* If I ever get a gym number again, that means the woman came up to me and volunteered to give it to me.

*Note - If Tiara happens to read this, she's the exception to this rule...with her fine ass...LOL.


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