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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

That shyt aint my somali brother's!!

These young somali bruthas today make me sick to my mf stomach. We're supposed to be further than this as black men. Somebody tell that to your knucklehead azz sons, nephews, and grandsons. They're so caught up out here tryin' to be a thug?You think walkin down the street wit your big azz pants hanging off is da shyt? Muggin' back at me harder than i'm muggin' you doesn't make you a thug. You're supposed to be hard now, 'cuz your hat is turned sideways, and you got shiny shyt in your mouth? Whateva, man. A lil do-rag on ur big azz head ain't impressing nobody.You wanna impress me.....hold down 2 jobs while still finding time to keep your house clean. Send some money home to somalia at least someone even if its not ya close relative. Pay your mf bills on time without borrowing money. Get promoted at work. Take care of your mf kids (and not just cuz the law forces you to). THATS impressive. You think disrespectin' that sista makes you a pimp? Not hardly, you lil bytch azz mf. Spendin' time in jail doesn't make you a mf thug. It just makes u a dumb . Why the fukk are in front of the liquor store when i'm on my way to work? It ain't even open yet. That shyt ain't cute!These young bruthas today ain't going to school. They don't have a will to succeed. Why bother? Their subject and verb doesn't HAVE to agree. They're imitating who they see on TV and videos, and this bullshyt azz music they hear on the radio. A bunch of ignorant azz mfs. Wake your dumb azzes up my somali bro's. How about putting as much emphasis on working hard and being a good example as you do chattin mumble jumble somali politics. Better yet, how about KEEPIN' a job. Damn!! For starters, how about GETTIN' a mf job?Can you do that?Huh?!


At 8:31 AM, Blogger Internal Movements said...


hopefully in time you'll learn to over look this sorta behavior and just change your ethnic background.



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