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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

UK.....never thought of it like it is!!

hey i've been in the uk now since august 2.....n i really cant find things to rant about yet.....i think its coz i'm still new or what?.....i'm currently working with NHS as radiologist at ROYAL LONDON HOSPITAL at whitechapel....n i find this english folk'z irritatingly polite n their accent's so funny that i cant stop myself laughing sometime's.......ok now there is this doctor who i cant get word what he says unless i ask twice or somethin.....apparently they say he's from scotland....dont scottish people speak english ....what's up wit this funny accent?......wallahi i've been having the time of my life 4 the past 3 weeks....its my first time working since finishing uni.....n i decided lemme get some work experience here in da uk......otherwise i just started this blog today....n i'll be writing about my past rants and if i find any here in uk.....i'll see u guyz tomorrow or later today.

by the way what's up with cheer's mate shyt?......i dont get it!!!


At 1:40 PM, Blogger Firefly said...

I was just reading your posts and you really are something of a ranter! It's impressive.

Since you have only been here 3 weeks, a further welcome is necessary I think. I'm just sorry you have to work in Whitechapel, nobody should really be exposed to that place!

I'm glad you're enjoying your time though. Oh, and Scottish accents are quite lovely, they just require some getting used to.


At 10:26 PM, Blogger SleepDepraved said...

Hehehe......gosh darn it you had me chuckling before bedtime. I agree about the drive thru n also about the cheers thing. When I visited UK, I found it bothersome to say cheers every few minutes. All I got to say to you is good luck. Wait till you get to deal with the banks there, then you will be ranting. I know I came to appreciate the american banking system.

At 11:37 PM, Blogger TheAdvocates said...

Whitechapel? Well, that is where I moved from yesterday. Moved not far away though. I think Londoners of that zone (me actually) should have, as FlyFly points out, welcome you to the hood. I can understand the rants, the area seems to have the ability to distress everyone.

PS; You say radiologist? I know another Somali radiologist. Last time I saw him was working there. Maybe you radiologists need to rant to each other to lighten up the load of hospical scanning ;). Anyway...hope you fit in nicely. Good luck and good stay.


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