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Just everyday shyt that bothers me....and probably you, too.....basically its mumbles and rambles i ramble to myself....i hope i can release them all here

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Today, I'm fed the fukk up. Big surprise, huh?Today's wrath is directed at you corporate minded british mfs who think that natural hair/rasta is "unkept" or "just wrong." You suited and booted mfs think that our shyt has to be freshly twisted and done for it to be accepted.Today i saw some doctor's looking at some jamaican rastaman in disgust just because he's got a rasta HELLO!! It’s a NATURAL hairstyle. They only twist it to control the new growth. Yet your punk azz only gets your shyt "touched up" maybe once a month. All this unnecessary attention focused on HAIR. WTF. It's JUST hair!! If you wanna put attention into something....then focus it on all the nasty shyt that my Caucasian corporate counter-parts do. Like comin' to mf work with they hair still wet. Nasty bytches. Focus on how they wanna put their arm around you or get all close when THEIR clothes are covered in mf cat/dog hair. Back your azz up!! Or what about them who drink 5 mf cups of coffee before 10am and don't even THINK about a stick of gum. Come on now....Orbit is da SHYT!. And let's not forget about my fellow nasty azz co-workers that you see in the bathroom EVERYday who don't wash their hands, but STAY bringing some baked goods from home for office consumption. Don't nobody want that shyt. But a RASTAMAN'S hair is supposedly nasty and unclean. Don't come at me with that bullshyt.


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