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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ok, I know by now most of y'all have seen the preview for that new movie with Samuel Jackson in it. You know, the one where he's trapped on a airplane with random skakes. What's the title of it: "Snakes on a mf Plane."That's it. Straight to the point.They could have named it "Venom in the Skies," or "Terror at 30,000 feet." Naw...fukk all that. They said they ran outta titles. They gave the fukk up. So guess what,..."Snakes on a Plane. "Is that the new thing in Hollywood? We just gon' name shyt EXACTLY what it's about? Cuz if so, we need to go back and change the titles of some shyt.
Let's start with "Panic Room." Fukk dat title. We gon' call it, "White Hoes Trapped in a mf House.
"Then we can go change "Amistad." Yep, you guessed it..."Nyggas on a Boat.
"Even a classic like the "Wizard of Oz" can be renamed. How 'bout, "Trippin'' while you Knocked da Fukk Out." Think about it. That's all that shyt was.
How 'bout Forrest Gump...we can call it, "Retard Lives an Amazing Life."Oh, I got another one. "Silence of the Lambs." Lets name it, "Regular Food Just Ain't Good Enough for Me."What about "The Color Purple?" Here we go...."Sistas Catchin Beatdowns."

damn wallahi i think thats enough for today lemme have sleep.....so that i can with ur british manana.....buenos noche's


At 9:35 AM, Blogger Firefly said...

LoL...Aw. Maybe not such a good idea..it would take away the little creativity Hollywood has.

Quite a lot of hype around this film tho...even I'm tempted to see it, and am terrified of snakes!


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