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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Honestly...Who Does This?

Last weekend,I had to go to woodgreen north london to take care of some business. That Saturday night, I caught up to my cousin latif and his friend Gerald. We went back to latif's house to have a few drinks, then went to visit these women that they went to high school with.

The night started off great. Everyone was nice, friendly, cordial, and fucked up. The Eddie Murphy "Raw" DVD was playing, and the entire place was having fun. Too bad things went downhill from there.

About 45 minutes into the DVD, the ladies started making fun of my cousin latif, calling him greedy since he ate twice within a half-hour's time. Now, to everyone in the room except Gerald, it was all just fun and jokes. Nothing serious.

To Gerald, however, it must've struck a nerve. For some reason, he stood behind the the young lady that owned the place. Then, out of nowhere, he poured out the water from the bottle that SHE gave him all over the back of her neck. The worst part about it is, after he did it, he just stood there with a look on his face that said "What nigga! Yeah, I did it! You want a piece of me?!?!"

So she did what most normal people would do. She kicked our trifling asses out of her house. I don't really blame her...Especially since I couldn't help but laugh at his audacity. I tried to hold it in, but it didn't work.

The funniest thing is, Gerald is the most friendly-looking, mild-mannered, nice guy 98% of the time. You wouldn't think he's have a short fuse like that...It's funny, cause folks like that are the last ones you want as your enemies. So Gerald, if you're reading this, don't take this shit too personally...LOL

But seriously, though...who does that shit? Who pours water on someone in their own house, then just stands there like it's nothing? Is that's what's going on in the streets right now? Pouring spring water on motherfuckers? At least when a woman splashes a drink on someone in disgust, they have the sense to walk away just in case he snaps and attempts to slap the monkey-shine shit outta her. Gerald just stood there as if he was daring her to make a move. I just hope that folks don't think I put him up to that dumb shit since I laughed at it. At any rate, Gerald has gained a new nickname: "The Waterboy"


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