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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ass: The Great Unifying Force

This morning, I went to get some breakfast before work. It was me, this one white dude with a construction jumpsuit on, and the resturant staff. Nobody was really making any small talk, other than the usual mumbled look at the start of the week.

Well, in walks this woman who looked to be about 35 years old, brazilian, with a really nice ass. She was wearing jeans that showed it off, as well as her nice legs. As fate would have it, both my order, and the jumpsuit guy's order came up at the same time. Still, no words were exchanged...Until we got out the front door.

You would have thought we knew each other for years, the way we instantly bonded. He said "Damn, that woman had ASS!"

So I said "HELL YEAH! THAT'S how you start off a week.

To which he responded "Ain't nothing like a woman with ass. She was nice!" After that, we dapped each other up and went out separate ways. Ass. The Great Unifying Force.

Sorry for my lack of updates over the weekend, I've been pretty busy with meeting family this week. I promise to do better in the week ahead.........aight!!



At 5:27 PM, Blogger Lonesome Dreamer said...

Very funny blog - love it. :D

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Dahab said...

The MOST hilarious blog I have come across in years. Damn! This seems like 26yrs of pent up ranting about to be let loose on the cyber world. I usually just reserve my rants for my weekend job & give all the customers a huge dose of Dahab sarcasm!


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