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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Respect My MF Space!!!

It's saturday night. It's the start of premier league Madness. Me and my boy rashid decide to hit up a bar to watch the game since all the mf tickets are sold. We finally choose Hooters near edgeware road as the spot since they can get us a seat next to a tv in 15 minutes.

It's madd crowded, but its all good. Everybody's there to watch the game. The drunk azz people at the table behind us leave. Then 6 people get seated there...5 girls and 1 guy. It's all cool 'til this 1 of them (with her back to me) decides that my space is now HER space. She gets up to go to the restroom, and as she stands up, she reaches over to lean on my mf table. WTF! Then....when she returns....she puts her hands on my table again to sit down. You're thinking.....oh that's not that bad. But wait, it gets worse.

The game is on now and england start whoopin poor andorran asses crouch scores!!!, and this chick decides that she needs to be more comfortable. So guess what? She leans back in her chair....and rests her elbows and arms upon my table next to my mf fries. So then I place my burger down.....(pause to gather composure........think before i speak, ...okay, i'm good)..."um, BITCH you need to move!!" Sean just shakes his head. "Naw.....fukk dat."

Seeing that I'm irritated, our waitress comes over and asks what's wrong. "Your girl 'bout to get hit wit a mug", I say. Understanding my problem, she decides to help a brutha out. She returns with a 'lil peanut butter to ease the pain. She then spreads it all over that end of the table as a welcome treat for when our "guest" decides that she needs more space. Dats what the fukk i'm talkin' bout!! I slap five and do the "chest bump" wit our waitress.

Quick summary......just cuz this ho was in her mf element, she thought she owned all the space around her. Reality check. All this over here (encircles self with hand motion).....thats all ME, bytch. Madd shout out to Tracy (I think thats her name)....the waitress at Hooters on saturday night. Anyway i'm startin to like it over except that i just have to find things to rant about!!



At 8:32 AM, Blogger Leyla said...

loooool...YOUR JOKES....omg are you that desperate to find something to rant about?!?!!?....jokes I tell you wow...wait till winter n you'll find plenty to rant about ;o) cause its all fine and dandy in the summer...anyways homie keep it real ciao ciao

At 6:33 AM, Blogger NonChalante said...

Lucky you! You only get the weird bar hoppers invading your space. I get odd idiots who want to have full fledged conversations with me in public restrooms.


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