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Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Can't Be Even Be Mad At This?

Good morning,...........i just heard to say that this morning haven't that to somebody in a while.

Today, I was reading some messageboard, and the topic of racism came up. People were sharing stories about racist things that happened to them recently. As I read about the things that other folks have gone through in 2006, it reminded me of something that happened to me about a month ago down in near kensington.

I was on the commuter bus headed home from collegues house, when this drunk, smelly, disheveled white couple got on. Of course, since smelly people always seem to know when I'm taking the bus or train, they sat their stankin' asses down about two rows from me on the opposite side of the bus. Still WELL within traveling distance for their booze and underarm stench to reach my nostrils.

Since the only folks on the bus at that time were them, the bus driver, an older nigerian lady in the very back of the bus, and myself, everyone could hear their conversation.

They began talking about somebody named Ronnie, and the man called him a nigger. So then the woman agreed and said she "can't stand that guy because he's nothing but a nigger."

So I looked right at the man when he said it, and he looked at his lady and tried to backpedal a little. He said "All black people aren't always niggers, but Ronnie is a God-damned nigger."

So my first thought was, how the fuck can these filthy, dirty, skinny, scab-covered, smelly, alcoholic, homeless-looking pieces of shit have the NERVE to look down on anyone else? Have they looked in a mirror lately? When was the last time they bathed? It doesn't even make sense to get mad at these dumb bitches.

Still, I was tempted to say something to him. I just let it go, because I knew as drunk as the guy was, I was probably going to end up having to knock his dumb ass out. It wasn't even the fighting thing that made it unappealing...Knocking that fool out and making his lady cry might have been pretty fun. I just didn't want to TOUCH that motherfucker. Those folks were THAT disgusting. I took a photo on my cameraphone, but it came out too grainy to really see what he looks like. I was going to put him here on the blog and make him famous with a caption that said "If you see this wino lying on the london (kensington high) streets, KICK HIM. HARD. He thinks you're a nigger anyway, so fuck it." Alas, the cameraphone failed me, so I can't turn this into an "investigative journalism" piece and hopefully inspire someone to kick him in the ribs or piss on his jacket while he passed out drunk next to a underground station or on a park bench. Either way, it appears that life has already laid the smackdown on that fool, so I guess it was for the best.....how ignorant are this english pricks?......any way i'm having a nice day happy mood feel like chewing khat(gomba).....we'll see......later's


At 7:45 AM, Blogger Jadekitten said...

Is this you in a happy mood? Then I'ma try not to be around when you're not...LOL..

True, that racism crap can be awfully unwarranted. Even here in Ke, I absolutely go ga-ga when I see how much it has infiltrated. And those dumb-a$$ waiters who leave us (all spruced up and looking F.L.Y) running t attend to some dirty,stinky, smelly mofos (kwanza si the way those guys wear scruffy T's and SLIPPERS everywhere. Wallahi ni kama msee ametoka Kiambu na mchanga nyekundu na anatembea tao). With those kind of tabias are u shocked they have attitudes like that?

At 6:42 AM, Blogger Rant's of an angry somali man said...

JADEKITTEN.....sorry but i'm not that bad was just in a happy its the incident that made me aggressive......sometimes hawa mabeste hunishangaza sana sometimes i just hold back ile style ya no comment bro........wacha tu!

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Acolyte said...

That ish makes me mad as hell! Especially when the person saying that ish is even worse off then most black people. Reminds me of this radio host who is semi racist, they showed his pic and the dude is overweight and ugly as hell!
@ jadekitten
Wait till I go on holiday and some waiter tries to pull that ish! I will set him and the manager real straight real fast!


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