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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I've been slow in updating the past week. There's a good reason, though. I flew to Sevilla and Bonn from last wednesday for a week-long conference. Ok...WHERE are the black folks out this mf cities especially Bonn couldn't believe we were only 2 black's in that mf confrence in which i didn;t learn anything except what i call free holiday 4 no reason...... c'mon NHS its time to stop wasting taxpayer's money ........was particularly impressed with Sevilla really nice place in general,nice people or was it because i could speak espanol muy bien.....enjoyed that much coz i went to watch Sevilla vs Racing at Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan really liked how sevilla played they really have a good team but i'm still gunning for barcelona to still win la liga nad inshallah champions league!!!!

back to ranting!

But anyway, on the last 3 flights I've taken, I always manage to get stopped for what they call "random mf searches." Hmmm.

Now, I'm not all for these post 9/11 or 7/7 security measures, but EVERY mf time I fly, I'm gettin' an extra search. And not the normal "walk through the metal detector check." NAW!! I get the "Um, sir....can you gather your things and stand over here by yourself, cuz we about to dig ALL THROUGH your shyt" check. WTMF!! I know I'm angry and shyt when i see any authority its something inbred in me, but now I'm a mf flight risk, too?

Obviously, this is some old racial profilin' shit...but how you gon' pick and choose with your profiling. Be consistant with your shyt. You stop ME, but my co-worker Steve Boyle(carribean) walks by unMFtouched?? Ain't this a bytch?! Why I gotta take off my shirt if the metal detector didnt' beep when I walked through it? Punk bastard! Steve got a box that's leaking, but you goin' through MY mf suitcase. I'm not saying he's gonna set some shyt off, but if I get a random search, then by DEFAULT, this mf should get one. Why? Just ME.

So get this. I gotta open ALL my mf bags, take off my shirt, belt, shoes, hat, while mfs are FLYIN' through their security checks. Then, two big azz armed guards roll up on me, asking me to explain why there's a stethoscope in my carry on bag.what am i gonna do with it??.......FOOL!!....all this is happenin' at Bonn airport!!......

ohh!!.......the shit gets worse when i landed...."somehow" my bag was lost. Can it get worse than this???......DAMN!!


I'm SO mf tired of checking my email at work, and finding all these messages that say, "Pass this on to 10 people and you'll be blessed in the next hour." WTF. Come on, man....If I wasn't blessed up until this point, me clickin' "forward" ain't gon do shyt. DELETE!!

Or I get those ones that try to guilt you into forwarding it. Saying, it will only take 60 seconds to do this.....and how we devote more time to lesser shyt like jokes, and videos. You damn straight!! Cuz them Youtube videos are funnier than ur mf. So guess what? DELETE!!

And this never fails to bother me. You ever got an email from a friend especially from christians friends(the so-called saved) asking for a mf favor (usually cash)....but at the end of their email, suddenly, there's a bible passage in it? WHAT??!!......why put ya faith in this shit?.....just ask without quotin' any passages........hey i'm muslim!!!.....some of them goes like this....

"Hey man....how's it going? I need a favor this week. Lemme hold £50 bro i'm broke n u know how it is down this side. You know I got u."
- Luke 2:14: "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."

Is that how you feel, man? Now, you bringin' the LORD into this? What HE got to do with you needin' £50?? You don't need quotin' scripture. See, normally I would do like I did with the other emails and hit delete. But see, this is different. This time, I ended my response just as appropriately as he ended his request.

Sup....you might be a lil short this week. Money is tight on this end, as well."

2 Chronicles 24:21 - ".....by order of the king, they stoned him to death in the courtyard...."

damn!!...i understand u need something but bro why make me bring out my bad side.......why use ur faith on me......c'mon u should just come straight i'll try my best to help ya!!

Just had to get that out........WOW!!!........what a week!!!


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Acolyte said...

Pole sana bout the profiling thingie. It sucks to be African and look arabic at the same time. Two for the price of one. I have an ethiopian pal who goes thru it every time they travel too.
As for friends who beg in the name of the Lord, they suck!

At 12:12 PM, Blogger Nekessa O. said...

sasa u guy! been a minute since I was here. I get profiled too, usually coz I am dropped off by my Arab looking famo :). its not even funny, its such a violation of my private space... . I am an organizer, so I am always up in arms about something... and this is one of those "choose your battles" kinda deal!! bloody bastards!!

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Dahab said...

So... uhmmm WHY where you carrying stethoscope in your bag again?

Were you expecting a "my stethoscope is bigger and better than yours" competition at the conference?

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Firefly said...

^ LoL.

Racial profiling is here to stay.

At 2:45 PM, Blogger MD said...

what does mf mean...

At 11:00 AM, Blogger Rant's of an angry somali man said...

Acolyte......niaje's?.......wacha tu yaani this profilin' thingie inafanya msee unaona afadhali uwe terrorist 4real tu!

maua......yeah lazima uwe hivyo choose ur battles correctly or u never know what might happen.

dahab......was carrying it just in case i was needed after an attack!

firefly.........what can we do!

MD.........u should figure that out....its bad word......don't wanna use unless angry...happy mood today!

At 6:37 PM, Blogger Girl next door said...

Airport searches are so annoying. Profiling at its best! How would a stethoscope be a threat?

I detest those boring forwards. They're a waste of time. And trying to guilt people by quoting bible verses is bs!


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