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Friday, December 08, 2006

It is NEVER a Surprise

at last!!.....god it's been long since i typed on my blog......fuckin NHS has holding me up with no off days.....alhamdulillah i'm free till next wednesday....lemme tell ya all something......it was saturday last week i decided to run out to grab a couple of things from Tesco's. This shouldn't take long at all. No holiday rush, it's a work day, AND mfs should be on the road. I'm good. So I thought.

I get my shyt I came for and get in line. Some random girl with a rack of shyt is in front of me. I'm daydreaming, thinkin' about what imma eat when I get home, when I realize..."DAMN, I've been standing here a WHILE." So I direct my attention to random lady in front of me. She has this shocked look on her face. You have GOT to be bullshyttin' me.........

The total on the register says, "£122.79."
This mf pulls out a debit card and says, "Scan this first to see how much is on there."
Did I hear her right?
The cashier says, "£17.00."
Random Girl replies, "Well, pay £15.00 off that, and then scan these to see wassup."


You got the cashier scanning 4 different cards, readin' you the balance of each like she works for Bank of scotland? And get this. She's paying £15 on each card, and the remaining balance in cash? WTF. When you gotta use each of your credit/debit cards to "take a lil bit off" the overall balance, and STILL gotta come outta your pocket.....STAY DA FUKK HOME!!

She standing up there lookin' shocked. This ain't a surprise. You just gon' fake like you didn't KNOW you was broke? Bytch, you knew yesterday. Hell....you knew on your way TO the mf store. Even if you didn't know for a fact, you had SOME doubt floatin' around in your head. That alone, should make you at least CHECK. In the front of the line, after your total is displayed is a little late in the game to check.

And you got BIG SHYT being rung up too.....big candles, a mf blender, cereal, 2 pair of jeans, detergent, and a 12 pack of paper towels. Oh, and some DVD's. Now, you wanna smile at me and apologize. Tryin' to strike up conversation and include me in your broke azz world. I TOOK the time yesterday to move MY cash around so this shyt wouldn't happen to ME. AND....this is supposed to be my LAST time doing ANY mf shopping until after idd. Now, you done fukked THAT up.

The moral of the mf story: It's NEVER a surprise that you're broke.

Talking about my job i just have to let it out.......I HATE STATISTICS!!!

Although I was never a hardcore stat-head, I had to endure the requisite statistical methods courses in both college and grad school as part of my radiological training. (The ugliest course requirements repeat themselves, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.) Although they were billed as the 'empirical' part of the discipline, I regarded them as the purest mysticism, and, with the benefit of hindsight, still do

Anybody with even the faintest whiff of mathematical training, or intuition, or common sense, can spot flaws in most of the statistics used to make decisions. That's not a shot at the folks generating the statistics – they/we know perfectly well that most of the information is partial, somewhat corrupted by flawed collection methods, and extremely hard to isolate from other variables. (“they changed the department requirements last year, and this year the cases went up 5%. Clearly, the new MRI is responsible.” Um, not really...) The problem, other than the fatal combination of small samples and sheer complexity, is that most of what we want to know derives from problems we didn't anticipate, so we didn't think to collect the data at the time that would address the question we hadn't thought of yet.........SO COZ I WASN'T WHEN THEY WERE DOING THEIR PRE-ANNUM STATS WHY INVOLVE ME I JOINED WHITECHAPEL IN AUGUST....ITS SIMPLE I SHOULD BE DEALING WITH NExT YEAR'S STAT'S!......i don't know how i will get out that shit without sounding rude or arrogant!!

ohh the good thing that happened this week was BARCELONA winning against WERDER BREMEN and qualifing 4 the next round.....Barcelona, moreover, may be about to prosper. Samuel Eto'o and Lionel Messi are yet to return from injury, while RONALDINHO is in such form that Eidur Gudjohnsen left the Nou Camp saying: "One of these days he will make the ball talk."........Even by Ronaldinho's standards his was an exceptional performance, capped by a goal that had his colleagues talking animatedly about an hour after the final whistle. Seeing that Werder Bremen's players were going to jump in the wall at a free-kick, Ronaldinho struck the ball under them and Barcelona had their breakthrough in the 13th minute.

this is what gudjohnsen said after the game " Before the game, the manager just said to enjoy it. What happens, happens but he said to imagine the people who dream of playing in front of 100,000 fans and to experience a fantastic night like this. For me, playing for Barcelona has been everything I dreamed of and more. You can understand why every footballer in the world dreams of playing for Barcelona. Everything about the club, the stadium, the fans, the build-up - and the best player in the world."


At 7:43 AM, Blogger wasmaniac said...

Ningependa tudraw Barca...Its payback time for them. The way they took the this yrs champs league has left a really bad taste in my mouth. Revenge is the key word when we hopefully draw them.

At 9:25 AM, Blogger NM said...

my god, angry somali man, this is the first time i read your blog and i think i can safetly say that your blog name reflects what you write.

Although :( i must admit reading the f word and in the same paragraph as alhamdulilah did unsettle me a little!

Humours view on the situation nevertheless :)

At 6:25 AM, Blogger Rant's of an angry somali man said...

WASMANIAC.....anytime bro we ready for anybody!.....last time u guys u were complaining coz ya ile red ya lehmann yet u know very that etoo goal should have been counted anyway lemme not start an argurment.....so whatever come's inshallah i'm sure we can overcome them....kwanza jana u guys should have won that game!

NM...i usually let all my frustration's out here.....although i'll try to cease using religious notion's in the same with my pent up fuck's!!

At 4:10 PM, Blogger Acolyte said...

I have a stats exam kesho and rest assured I am preparing "academic aids" for the paper! Failure is not an option!
Moving on, people who hold up lines piss me off to high heaven!


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