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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I Cannot Think Of Anything



For real, I'm scared. I am RARELY speechless, so when this happens, I don't know how to act.

I might start throwing steak at people down from my office window but damn the whitechapel cctv's.......lots of them for a normal hospital......damn i'm going random now!

But seriously, I need something interesting to happen...I don;t feel like sharing embarassing stories from the past today. I also don't feel like making fun of famous people. They have feelings too, dammit.i don't wanna talk about what's up in somalia i'll just go crazy on this blog......brothers it hurts thats all i can say.

Let me get back to work. Hopefully, something will come to mind. If you readers have any suggestions on topics, or any questions you want to know about me, or issues you want to hear my opinion on, let me know in the comments section......ah no!.....i think i'm gettin' soft this mind is great!........i'll come up with somethin' soon.

ok i have an a idea i'll write my random thoughts today!

I'm not giving this entry any kind of structured form. It's a pure glimpse into the random thoughts that run through my mind. I figure I may as well let you all have a peek into the warped brain that writes all these entries for your entertainent. One warning: I think I have an undiagnosed case of Adult A.D.D., so be patient as my thoughts will probaby end up all over the place thoughout this entry.

And now, a glimpse into my mind:

Damn 2 kilo's khat on a weekend afternoon feels good. Especially after helping someone move......and hell yeah i'm free off work till next wednesday!.......oh i can't miss tommorow's match BARCA vs ESPANYOL....RONALDINHO is back he hasn;t played over last 2 games since the winter break.....i hope deco ankle will be aight for him to play....c'mon puyol show dem the lion you are.......oooohhhh! damn i forgot the AFRICAN KING ETOO will back on monday!!!.......i've missed etoo a lot.

If YOU were moving, wouldn't YOU wash your dishes FIRST as opposed to just asking someone to go in your dishwasher and pack them up for you? No lie...I looked in there at those nasty, plague-infested dishes and was like "HELL NO! YOU pack up them disgusting sh*ts. I think I saw a gremlin hatching from the crock pot! YOU BETTER WASH THAT DAMN SH*T!"

I think I've now heard 6 different remixes to that Young Jeezy and Akon song "Soul Survivor", featuring verses from top notch artists like Jay Z to barely listenable acts like Tony Yayo, and all six remixes sound good. I mean, they even found Shabba Ranks for one of the versions. You know you got a hot track when that shit inspires Shabba Ranks to make a comeback..........Hell, Tupac even came back from the dead to spit a few bars with T.I. and ashanti " pac's life".........this song is killing me!....and thats why i love tupac he alwayz suprises me even from his grave!

But yeah, that beat is one of those ones where you just can't go wrong rhyming over it. Kind of like the "All About The Benjamins" beat was, or the Mobb Deep "Shook Ones" beat.

Keyshia Cole is a hoodrat. Or at least that's the impression I get from seeing her on 106th and Park. I am rather fond of her breasts, though. You don't see breast like those on many women that petite. If she decides on one hair color and gets some braces, I may have to holler at her rough-around-the-edges tombstone teeth having ass...

That was mean, wasn't it? I shouldn't have gone hard and talked about Keisha Cole's yuckmouth like that. I owe her and Fantasia apologies. Besides, if Fantasia ever reads this...oops, I mean, if someone ever reads this TO Fantasia, and she comes after me, I may be done for. She looks like she packs a pit-bull bite. Ol' Jabber Jaw ass, Mouth of the South mofo...

Damn, I can't seem to stop making fun of music people. Time to stop watching MTV BASE. It's poisioning my brain.

need to adjust my balls. The one on the left just slowly slid down as I moved over in my chair...It's people around, so I can't shift homie back up to his rightful position. Ok...they're leaving...hurry up and get the fhe fuck out...YES! I'm out of eyesight...Let me get to shifting...AHH! Back where you belong, left ball! Everythng is right in the universe again!

There you go...a small taste of my screwed up thought process. Now you understand whymy blog is as random as it is. I am just a different type of thinker for some reason. It's a blessing and a curse...But I wouldn't have it any other way.


At 8:31 AM, Blogger Aya said...

LOL. Dude, can you help me move? I promise to wash the grime first.
Hate Keshia Cole, JayZ and any other low life on MTV but I kinda like Fantasia. Didn't you know she wrote a book about not knowing how to read?

At 1:21 PM, Blogger Don_quixote said...

Pole about the blog, thats where am at too, difference is i have soo much that i want to ink down erm i mean type down but i sit and poof. The situatin in Somalia i cant even fathom where to start and by the way none of what i think of the situatin has any pitifull thoughts.You call that random lol, maybe i should let you walk through my mind i dont shift balls but all the same........

At 1:15 AM, Blogger Maua said...

my guy u never fail to amuse. ROTFLMAO! wat is this again about balls?

At 12:08 AM, Blogger Kenyanchick said...

Heheh, you're crazy!

I too suffer constantly from writer's block. You are not alone...

At 5:08 AM, Blogger Unyc said...

Am glad i landed here!

Ur writer's block will fade off n u'll hv enuf stuff 2 blog about.

Now wacha i go read the rest.

At 6:35 AM, Blogger Rant's of an angry somali man said...

aya.....no prob's anytime girl!.....soorry 'bout fantasia i too have a soft spot for her.

don quixote.....its just that at the start i didn't have anything to write but they came flowin' as i went on otherwise thanx...

maua....its just what goes on in this crazy mind walalo....sometimes it surprise me myself.....should i add and i?

kenyanchick.....was on ya blog nad again u killed me with that white man joke hope u enjoy ya free time away from mash!

unyc...was on ur's its damn intrestin'.....glad u pulled me over to ur's...otherwise thanx 4 ur comments


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