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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

been long I posted anything........... Well more like I've been bogged down trying to sort stuff out. Can't say I didn't contemplate calling it a day (like all the time). But where would I vent when I need to?

i needed to say something on the 13th of sept about my all time great legend tupac amaru shakur but was busy with lots scannin shit at the hospital....in way i will feel guilty if dont post anything about him.

Tupac shakur was tragically gunned down on sept 7th back in '96.Just at the time i was arrivin to the so called land of the free (america). Ten years to the day and my memories of dude hasn't changed or faded over the years. I remember the repeated news bulletins reporting the unfortunate event. I felt sad that day because I had started to believe his couldn't be got. This is a guy that thrived against all odds, being born in prison, mother a drug addict, from a family of persecuted Panthers, a bonafied thug. A political gangsta, almost without cliche. In hindsight his actions and beliefs destined him for an early grave. The good die young. I shudder to think what he would have been today had he lived beyond his 25 years on earth. Dude was large. Pac courted controversy and wasn't afraid of anyone. You could say he was misguided as a result of his association with Death Row but Tupac was his own man and was beyond mere influence. I kept an ear to the ground and listened to his stuff. As I type I'm listening to a selection of his music and his lyrics ran deep.

This was a young man obsessed with his own death, his own mortality. Most of his songs explored this theme. He had a deep conviction that his own death will be swift and violent. A lot of the songs explored forgiveness from God for actions that cannot be avoided. Tupac was an enigma and even now has forums heated discussing who he was. And the conspiracy theories would not rest. Who really killed Tupac? Why was he killed? Is he really dead? It's a testament to his music that ten years down the line hundreds of his mp3s litters the Internet (literally). It's like people can't enough of him. Yes the shoddy compilations (music/dvds) still flood the market with poor quality control, but this hints at a continued thirst for Don Makaveli.

Tupac people may or may not agree on what you were but your legend is secure.

R.I.P BRUV!!!!


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