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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Catching Up To Old Friends

What can I say? This weekend has been great. For starters, I finally replaced my stolen cell phone with a better one. I still haven't gotten around to using all the little features this bad boy has. I feel like a little kid with a new toy right about now. I've been taking pictures of all kinds of dumb stuff with it just because I can...LOL. the only drawback is I lost so many phone numbers when the old phone was taken, that now I can't reach most of the people that I know unless I run into them somewhere or get their numbers again from someone else.

Saturday at the club was super busy, but it was cool becasue I ran into my boy kamau, whom I used to go high school with. He told me about the barbecue organised by jemo( some guy i cant remember but tells me lotz about my big bro) from Kenya had lined up for Sunday and invited me to go. That cookout was great, because I really missed hanging out with kamau and nassir.

Let me tell you all about Nassir. Nassir is like a 5'6" lightskinned whup-ass machine. That brother looks mild-mannered, but if you test him and make him hit you full blast....you WILL get lifted off your feet and end up on your ass somewhere. He's cool as shit, though. You'd REALLY have to push nassir to the limit to get him to lay hands on someone. But if he does lay hands on someone...God bless that poor motherfucker, cause dude is fully capable of breaking every bone in your body twice LOL.

The biggest development is that I am starting my training/gym back up again. I've been keeping myself fit, but this is going to take things to another level. I'm ready for the challenge, though. Other good developments from Sunday are I got to see one of my old crushes from back home in Nairobi again over there. She looked good in school, but now she looks fan-tastic. Had a brother about to holler like Pharrell, talking 'bout "GOT-DAAAAAAMMN...WHOOO-O-O-OOO!!!!....WHOOO-O-O-OOO!!!!". I maintained my dignity this time, though. I also got to seemy best friend ibra. If you all can't tell, I'm excited about it. i last saw him b4 when i went america back in 96........i'm startin to like uk coz i'm gettin to meet all these dudes makes me think i had kinda lost touch with my kenyan roots not forgettin that i'm still somali(sijui) or as somaliz call us sujuu!!/sijui..........but i should'nt worry coz i still believe i'm kenyan at heart or is it somali but thats a question for another day.

Hell, you gotta love that attitude. It's actually looking sunny outside now, too. Hopefully things will work out, cause today i'm reallly cool. I guess I'll talk to you all later. Time to go do that white chapel thingy!!......n i promise today to help any ayeyo or islaan that i meet at the hospital u will be my first priority!!!.....no let's say any african that needs help will be helped to the uttermost of my ability even if i hve to let the white folkz wait at their appointments time........isn't that racist??.....i'm just following what they do i've seen them do that to my folkz.....or is it just britshness???


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