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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


You know.....I was doin' some dangerous shyt the other day. I was wondering why is all the good shyt labeled white, but all the negative shyt is labeled black. Take a second to think about that shyt. If I tell you a little harmless lie that's meant to protect you, it's called a lil' WHITE lie. But if I'm bribe you, and get you to do some underhanded shyt....guess what, that's BLACKmail!!

Still not convinced? When Tesco's or another department store has a large sale...its called their WHITE sale. Right. But the day after Newyear when everybody and their aunt hits the mf mall, mfs get trampled at the door, and hit in the mouth over the last Playstation....what's that? MF BLACK Friday!!

It's all kinds of negative shyt associated with the word black. When your power goes out, it's a mf BLACKout. If a plane crashes, they check the BLACK box. If you don't fit into a certain category, you're the BLACK sheep. If someone is spreading lies about you, you've been BLACKballed. If you buy some illegal shyt from up in the cut....that's the BLACK market. And how come the BLACK cat has to be the evil one? WTF!!

But on the other hand...the president lives in the WHITE House. When you die, they tell you to walk towards the WHITE light. And in December, I'm supposed to dream of a mf WHITE Christmas?? Fukk dat!!

So what i want u british folkz the so called owners the english language to Do us ALL a mf favor and disassociate Black with negativity. After all, the KKK wears white. Hmmm

I was playing chess last week with a friend of mine. He went first. He immediately grabbed his white pawn and moved it forward. I said...."Hold up, mf....what you doing?" He said, "The white pieces move first." I said....."Naw, bruh.....not in MY mf house!!"


At 8:02 AM, Blogger Lonesome Dreamer said...


some funny shyt walahi..lol

I always wondered about that too...


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